俱乐部 & 活动

在这里, 当课程结束时, 你会花一下午的时间去做你喜欢的事情, 是否体育, 艺术, 或30多个学生组织和活动. Student clubs are a great way for you to try something new or to connect with others who share your interests. 因为它们是由你和你的同学经营的, 俱乐部也是你培养领导能力的好方法.


  • 大使

    Student 大使 work with the 招生 Office to better inform prospective students (and family members) about all that makes St. 蒂莫西很特别. They not only conduct daily tours of the School but also help to organize open houses and other special events.
  • 美国手语俱乐部

    美国手语俱乐部(ASL. 蒂莫西努力创造一个引人入胜的, 有趣的, and informative environment for students interested in learning the basics of ASL and practice, 同时学习聋人文化和历史.  
  • 巴尔的摩女子学校联盟(BGSLC)

    四人组的一些女孩, 修复, 和六级被BGSLC录取, 是巴尔的摩地区著名的女子学校联盟, 包括布林·莫尔, 罗兰公园, 加里森森林, 和圣. 保罗女子学校. The coalition meets four times during the year and goes on a winter retreat to discuss pertinent issues that affect female leadership now and in the future.
  • 黑人意识俱乐部(BAC)

    The BAC (Black Awareness Club) was established to underline the issues faced by the members of the African Diaspora while also aiding in the telling of black history on the campus. BAC is responsible for the annual MLK Day daylong presentation and a plethora of activities and educational programming during February (Black 历史 Month). St. 盖的 BAC welcomes members of all backgrounds and reveres the diversity in both the club and in the entirety of the St. 蒂莫西的社区,并希望所有人的故事都能被讲述. 
  • 企业家俱乐部

    The 企业家俱乐部 is dedicated to encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship among St. 盖的学生. 
  • 马术俱乐部

    The 马术俱乐部 有趣的ctions as a bridge between the riding program and the general campus through equestrian education, 社区服务, 体育精神, 和大使的职位. 会员履行职责,学习演出管理. 他们参加与马有关的活动,以获得更广泛的体验, 向非骑术学生代表骑术课程, 帮助筹集资金使项目受益, 并担任圣. 盖的 by contributing charitable service and demonstrating exemplary 体育精神.
  • 未来校友领导委员会(FALC)

    未来女校友领导委员会教育和准备圣. 盖的学生 for future leadership roles and give them opportunities to interact with School administrators and alumnae leaders.
  • 女孩了

    女孩了 is a club that is interested in discussing and raising awareness about issues related to the empowerment of girls and women around the world. If you like learning about and working for the betterment of conditions faced by girls and women on a local and global scale, 这个俱乐部是为你而设的!
  • 手铃合唱团

    圣. 盖的 four-and-a-half octave English 手铃合唱团 is a long honored tradition and is part of the fabric of School life. The Bell Choir performs on and off campus throughout the year at events such as the annual 课程和颂歌 holiday program; our Cum Laude Society induction in the spring; and at Commencement every June.
    当观众听到这些美丽的手铸钟, they are entranced by their sparkling tones and by the tight coordination of 14 girls who make the many bells flow into one sound. The oldest bells in our set were made by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in England, 一家已经存在了300多年的公司. 白教堂在费城铸造了自由钟, 伦敦著名的大本钟, and a bell that was rung to celebrate the opening of the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

    在他们的IB期刊中, students often reflect upon the sense of camaraderie and enjoyment they feel while working on challenging pieces together. The members of the 手铃合唱团 often form close bonds and lasting friendships. Some of the students go on to perform in bell choirs in college and/or local churches.
  • 跨信仰俱乐部

    St. 盖的 has girls from all around the world and from various religious backgrounds. 跨信仰俱乐部的使命是学习和颂扬这些信仰. The club meets every week to discuss and plan formal dinners to celebrate religious holidays, 教堂服务, 以及一些特别的活动,比如一年一度的节日课程和圣诞颂歌.
  • 国际俱乐部

    国际俱乐部在圣. 盖的. 这个小组不仅讨论了圣. 但他们也会探索其他文化的传统. 扶轮社在家庭周末期间举办国际节日. They also work throughout the year to plan special formal dinners that highlight the cuisine of the various cultures represented within our community.
  • 模拟联合国

    Each year high school students participate in a variety of 模拟联合国 programs worldwide. All programs have as their mission to increase international understanding and develop the art of peaceful negotiation among potential national and international leaders. Program participants are assigned a country that they will represent in a simulated General Assembly session. Several international political issues are identified by the group sponsoring the Model UN session. Participants meet, caucus, prepare policy papers, debate issues, draft and vote on resolutions.
  • Moongates

    月亮门是圣. 蒂莫西学校无伴奏合唱团. 该团体全年都在重大活动中演出, 包括家庭周末, 课程和颂歌, 毕业典礼及同学会周末, 以及国际可穿戴艺术时装秀.
  • 音乐俱乐部

    音乐俱乐部允许圣. 蒂莫西的学生探索和展示他们的音乐才华.
  • 摄影 & 电影

    The 摄影 and 电影 club brings together students who share an interest in film and photography. Students gather to practice their craft and use our beautiful campus as their studio!
  • 社会正义对话社

    The 社会正义对话社 is a space for students to engage across difference of perspective and identity and explore social justice issues happening in the United States and across the globe. The 社会正义对话社 welcomes members of all backgrounds to join in discussion. 
  • 茎俱乐部

    STEM俱乐部今年开展了各种各样的活动. We have students learning SWIFT coding language with a goal to make an application in the app store. We also have a group of students working on 3D printing designs in creative ways. Another group is working on programming robots to perform various activities. Yet another group is learning the logic and critical thinking behind the game of chess. 十大网络彩票平台大全全年还计划了各种各样的活动, 比如数学竞赛, 断接箱子, 电子电路贺卡, 和其他stem相关项目.
  • 年鉴

    年鉴 works diligently throughout the year to collect pictures and put together a wonderful collection of the St. 蒂莫西的经历让女孩们带回家永远珍惜.