Design Thinking & Innovation

From our cutting-edge Innovation Lab and makerspace to science and mathematics instruction that incorporates principles of the arts and humanities, our girls prepare to be creative problem solvers and to excel (and lead) in STEM fields.

The future world demands both sides of your brain. Learn science and math with arts and humanities principles inspired by the human-centered design approach.

Join the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Program, inviting contributions from your creative mind while taking an interactive, hands-on, team-based, and self-directed approach to learning science and math.

Bring your ideas to life in our campus Innovation Lab, where a virtual reality center, coding and robotics software suites, and a bank of 3-D printers allow you to imagine, design, engineer, and build—often as part of automotive, robotics, and fashion design competitions.

Here, analytical chops meet creative capacity. Girls can master both worlds will have their pick of opportunities—and the potential to make a major impact on the world.